Sean Marsh

Today is 07/23/24

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my dog rico

This is my dog Rico. He is a miniature pinscher mix and we rescued him in 2015. says that tiny but mighty best describes the Miniature Pinscher.
If you’ve ever been underestimated,
you’ll have a lot in common with this breed.
Though small, Min Pins have the heart of a lion
and they’re not afraid of anything: bigger dogs, agility courses or dock diving. They take all
their challenges head-on, earning them the nickname “King of Toys.” Their outgoing personality
and tenacious spirit just may help you unleash your inner big dog.

rico and snoopy

This is one of the many dogs our family has fostered throughout the years, his name is Snoopy.
Below is a list of our current dogs.

Sizes of Our Dogs
Size Small Dogs Big Dogs
Rico Zoey Scooby
Tater Tot Charlie Snoopy
Pooh Bear
Total Dogs 6
Total Dogs

We have had 5 small dogs, and 2 big dogs.